We have two sources of inspiration:

Our Clients

…from consumer brands to rare diseases, devices to pharmaceuticals. this is what we hear;


“I don’t have time for lengthy explanations, and need people with experience to grasp issues and take the initiative”

“I need digital expertise to help us create compelling content that really engages our customers”

“I need hands-on assistance from experienced account managers..”

“I need input on strategy from my agencies, so they really need to understand our business”


Our World

…the pace of change across all aspects of healthcare is accelerating:

  • patient-centred care, enabled by digital technology provides us with a real opportunity to break free from a traditional business model
  • precision medicine, underpinned by new, integrated data sources, allows us to re-think how medicines and devices are re-positioned alongside relevant services
  • building cross-stakeholder engagement across multiple channels has become a vital competence

… its an exciting time to be involved!

Out of all this…

there is at least one thing that stays constant – the need for high quality, customer-relevant, interactive content.

Rare Breed has evolved out of the need for an alternative agency, bringing fresh ideas from diverse experiences, supporting established pharma companies and emerging players as they embrace the challenges of healthcare today.

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